Content Marketing

Managing your name and personal brand is necessary for people who know about you by name.  However, what about patients who do not know about you but are searching for a service, treatment or procedure that you provide?  To reach these searchers, your name must show up in the first two of pages of search results for the key words they have searched.  eMedical Media helps our clients achieve this through a Search Awareness Campaign.

A Search Awareness Campaign is a highly effective way to reach out to patients who have not heard of you, but are searching for your specialty and your services.  With a trend toward patient-driven healthcare, patients do more research than ever before when looking for physicians and treatments.   Patients use the Internet to search for physicians by specialty, procedure and geographic area.  A Search Awareness Campaign helps you show up in these search results by targeting key word phrases that we select based on how people search for your specialty.

Spending your marketing dollars on the web tends to have a higher return on investment than print advertising because the people who are searching for you are highly qualified leads – they are searching because they have a need.  Additionally, once your content is published online, you have maximum exposure because the value of quality content published online increases over time.  Below are the main components of a comprehensive Search Awareness Campaign.

Web Design

Whether you choose to develop a patient convenience website that simply includes basic information about your practice, a patient education site full of videos and information, or something in-between, all the threads comprising your online “web” lead the searcher to this site – it is your information hub.  We design your website in an open source platform that includes basic search engine optimization, and it can be expanded over time.  What does this mean to you?

It means that you are not locked into a proprietary website designed by a single programmer.   This platform, open to the public, is modular in nature thus you can start with a one to four page site and easily expand over time.  You do not have to worry about losing your programmer because many, many people know how to work within this program and new applications for the program are being developed daily.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is it?

SEO is a process that drives “organic” traffic to your website by causing it to show up high in search rankings.  “Organic” means that visitors come to your site by clicking on a search result that is not paid for.  (Paid results are at the top of the page and right hand column of search results called “sponsored links”.)  The amount of work it takes to show up high in organic search results is directly related to the amount of competition for the “key word phrases” for which you wish to be found.

All eMedical Media designed websites are delivered to our clients with basic SEO included – key word strategy, Meta information, site map and search engines submission are standard.  We make sure that search engines can find, crawl and understand your site.  From this point, you may choose to include additional SEO service if you would like to expand on the basic SEO to rank higher in search.  In addition, here are some of the key factors that search engines consider when determining how important you are (your search relevancy) and thus how high you show up in search results:

  • age of your domain
  • unique and relevant content focused on specific topics and key words
  • inbound links from other sites to your content
  • on-page SEO which includes semantic markup, meta information and keyword density

A well-executed Search Awareness Campaign is done over time by consistently publishing unique, quality content on your own site as well as other sites.

Online Publishing

Publishing audio, video and written content on PR websites, other websites and social sites is essential for optimizing your website.  This content gets picked up and syndicated by other websites giving you increased exposure and also creating inbound links to your site which help you become more “relevant” to the search engines.  We know exactly where and how to publish your articles, papers, videos and other content to generate traffic to your website.  eMedical Media optimizes your existing documents, presentations and other media for search and publishes them on these sites.  We will also write and publish new articles for you or about you depending on your needs.

We know this can sound overwhelming, but do not worry; our Content Marketing is executed more like a marathon than a sprint.   We will do all the work, moderately and consistently, and you will develop a valuable online asset.