Online Marketing is a Powerful Way to Connect with New and Existing Patients

With the understanding that many physicians simply do not have the resources to focus on marketing their practices, we are pleased to bring medical professionals innovative ways to more effectively connect with new and existing patients. Not so long ago, the Yellow Pages and magazine ads played a role in attracting new patients. Today, the Internet has become increasingly powerful in providing patients with the ability to find, research and review doctors online.  Consider this:

  • 80% of patients do medical research online.  
  • 66% of American web users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem.
  • 4 million “doctor shoppers” visit UCompareHealthcare monthly.  85% percent of their users plan to visit a doctor within 30 days.
  • 87% of local searchers follow-up with a phone call or visit; 61% of those are ready to make a decision—Google, Yahoo and other local listings are vital to your business.
  • There are over 45 “trusted” medical review sites (,, etc.) as well as dozens of other sites (Google Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp, etc.) that allow online reviews by ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANONYMOUSLY and with NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

How Do Patients Search for You Online?

While most medical professionals realize that they need to improve their online visibility, they are not sure where to begin.  eMedical Media can help.  Since we focus primarily on physicians, we have had the opportunity to hone and tailor our programs – using both medical and professional online marketing platforms – to specifically meet the needs of medical professionals.  There are two types of searchers that you need to be aware of:

  • The first is someone who knows about you by name.  For this searcher, you need to ensure that you are easily found and that the information that shows up on the first two pages of a search results when your name is typed into a search engine accurately and favorably represents you – this is online identity management.
  • The second type of searcher is someone who has no awareness of you, but is looking for a service, treatment or procedure that you offer.  To connect with these type of searchers you need to show up in results based on key words instead of your name – this is accomplished through search awareness.

How We Help

Because of our experience in this niche, we can assist you in selecting a program that will have the most impact on your practice. Whether that is enhancing your online identity, managing your online reputation and reviews or increasing patient awareness and satisfaction through an informative website and social media campaign, eMedical Media has the resources to take your practice to the next level.

The need for reputation management, in particular, is universal to all doctors.  Beyond this service, each individual, specialty and practice has varying needs that are most successfully met by focusing on the platforms that are proven to help build your reputation and impact your bottom line.  The are many reasons it has become a necessity to invest in your online identity now:

  • Manage your hard-earned reputation
  • Increase visibility to new patients
  • Communicate with and provide convenience for existing patients
  • Reduce routine office calls for information
  • Promote special procedures, treatments and technologies
  • Gain “expert” status for a specialty, procedure or treatment
  • Improve exposure to the educated, affluent demographic that researches medical care online
  • Be early – the value of your web content grows over time, unlike with print advertising so you have an edge on your competition if you are one of the first to get online

Learn More

The Internet really is a “web.”  Content that is published and distributed on the web is dynamic and permanent; in essence, it becomes a business asset that grows in value.  By understanding how each part of the program relates to the next, you can spend your money wisely by laying a strong foundation of web content that can be effectively added to over time.  Please browse through our website and begin to understand more about each service and how it relates to the others.  We welcome you to read through the following sections:

Ready to take the next step?

We can help you develop a campaign to manage your online reputation, promote your practice and create a community of patients.